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FFD Kiritsugu: Blade of the Cursed Hero by SwordOfTheKingOfHell FFD Kiritsugu: Blade of the Cursed Hero by SwordOfTheKingOfHell
Total Length: 48 imches
Guard Width: 10 inches
Guard Height: 4 1/2 inches
Grip Length: 10 1/2 inches
Blade Length: 34 inches
Blade Width" 2 9/16 inches
Blade Material: Red Oak
Guard Material: Red oak
Grip Material: Pine
Pommel Material: Pine

Made in tribute to the Epic Fanfiction "From Fake Dreams" by Third Fang on I have been making this sword since chapter 14 when the sword was first introduced. In Story the Hilt was never described so I got a little creative and designed my own for it as well as added some runic enchantments (all but one of which can be found on in the Nasuverse Rune Magic thread in the Creative Writing Index) on the pommel. The Runes on the Guard read "sacrifice and save, blade of the cursed hero. Kiritsugu".

The enchantments are in order as follows:

Projectile Enhancement: ᛇᚱ

Eihwaz - rune of dependability, endurance, defense and protection

Raidho - rune of travel, relocation and seeing the right move to make and deciding upon it

Used to enhance the durability and speed of a projectile, allowing it to strike an opponent fast and hard.

Icefire: ᛊᛈᛁ

Sowilo: ᛊ The Rune of the sun, power, elemental force, sword of flame, cleansing fire
Perthro: ᛈ The Rune of uncertain meanings, secret matters, mysteries, hidden things and occult abilities
Isa: ᛁ The Rune of Ice, frustration, psychological blocks to thought or activity, including grievances and reinforcement of runes around it

A strange rune array that when inscribed onto an object such as a rock, sword, staff, branch or gloves will cause it so simultaneously be set on fire and be coated in ice, mysteriously enough the object will not be harmed by this and the fire and ice will not cancel each other out. If the object strikes something else the target will be both burned and frozen, again without the two opposing elements hindering each other.

Urd = ᚢᚱᛞ

Uruz - rune of untamed potential, energy, action, courage, sudden changes, masculine potency, the shaping of power and pattern and formulation of the self.
Raidho - rune of travel, relocation, change of place or setting, seeing the right move for you to make and deciding upon it.
Dagaz - rune of day and dawn, breakthrough, daylight clarity as opposed to nighttime uncertainty, times to plan or embark upon an enterprise, The power of change directed by your own will, growth and release and the place where opposites meet

A rune that was used to enchant a warriors weapon so that it would grant its wielder greater strength, speed and the weapon itself the ability to pierce defenses and bring light to drive away dark forces. While the Dagaz rune is not as adept at smiting dark creatures as Sowilo it is still rather effective thanks to the fact that this runic combination forms a name with a powerful history behind it. However the true utility of the rune came about in modern times with the invention of the firearm, by inscribing this runic combination onto a gun the bullets will be fired with greater strength, greater speed and even mundane bullets will be able to pierce magical defenses or harm supernatural beings.

Spirit Killing Rune: ᚠᛁᛟᛊ = Fios

Fehu: ᚠ The Rune of abundance, success and energy
Isa: ᛁ The Rune of turning inward and clarity. It also reinforces other runes
Othala: ᛟ The Rune of inheritance, land of birth and spiritual heritage
Sowilo: ᛊ The Rune of cleansing fire

A specialized spell developed to kill dark spirits that cannot be killed by regular means. The Fehu rune bolsters power. Isa provides a powerful force of mental resistance and calm. Next is Othala, a rune dedicated to the power of ancestors and legacy, which can be extremely useful if one comes from a family with a strong legacy such as carrying the blessings of the gods. Lastly, Sowilo is the rune of the sun's flame and counter to the forces of darkness.

Individually, the runes have limited application, but, applied together as a name with history and mystical bearing, they strengthen the wearers mental defenses and highlights their spiritual heritage thus enhancing their natural gifts -including the spiritual- granting the power to damage dark forces.

Batna - Improve - ᛒᛉᛏᚾᛉ

To Improve: To give Birth to a Higher Life through Analysis of Restrictions and Following Your Instincts

Improvement: Personal Growth based on Maintaining the Success in Resisting the Loss of Divine Rank (Algiz Reversed)

Improvement: Growing by Channeling Energies Rationally into Resistance leading to Maintained Strength
Growing Berkano
Channeling Energies Rationally Algiz (channel energies appropriately) with the qualifier Tiwaz (appropriately meaning rationally)
Resistance leading to Maintained Strength Nauthiz (Resistance leading to strength) with the qualifier of Algiz (Keep hold of success or maintain a position, i.e. strength won or earned)

Something to do with reinforcement, perhaps a version of it to increase divinity a little.

But it is basically tailor made for the Reinforcement and the like. It just seems so appropriate.

Restoration in genuineness: ᛒᛖᛃᛊ

Berkano: Rune of regenerative power and renewal
Ehwaz: Rune of transportation, change for the better and confirms the meaning of the surrounding runes
Jera: Rune of the life cycle and of renewal
Sowilo: Rune of success

When applied on an object it will repair itself to the best of its abilities. With the Ehwaz rune ensuring that all the pieces that have been separated gather in a single spot, which is the same as the biggest surviving piece, the Berkano rune can tie them all back together. The Jera and Sowilo rune are there to prevent degradation of the object if it is subject to multiple restorations. If the different pieces are separated over a distance too big for the Ehwaz rune to influence, the object will replace the missing parts with whatever is still available from the object and use that to replace whatever's missing. This will obviously lower the general durability and usefulness of the object and in the worst case will only resemble the original in shape, while becoming virtually useless at its original function.
This enchatment has been written four time vertically on the Pommel.

The last enchantment(between Improve and Projectile Enhancement in the smaller letters) is a drain health enchantment of my oun design the inspiration for which came from the Vampiric Drain Spell on Skyrim.

The large purple gem is suppose to serve the same purpose as the gem on an Azoth Dagger.

The gems on the Guard are the same colors as the blades of Kiritsugu's Sister Swords Maiya and Natalia.

May this inspire you to keep up the Awseome work on "From Fake Dreams" Third Fang. You are inspiration to fanfic writers everywhere. I Salute you.(salutes):)
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